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Conservation and Old Oak Frame Repairs

We love old buildings, they don’t have to be an old oak frame but they are a firm favourite.

The chance to work on old oak frame is a buzz, to see the workmanship of past timber frame carpenters, the problems they faced and their solutions is always fasinating. The fact that these buildings have survived despite the years of use and abuse never fails to amaze us. To be able to conserve an oak frame and leave our own sympathetic mark is a privilege.

At The Traditional Carpenters we feel its important to work on these old oak frames. Not only are they a fantastic way to learn from timber frame carpenters of the past but aesthetically we feel they are often more pleasing to look at than modern oak frames.  This is mainly due to following set rules/systems and the use of human body parts as forms of measuring i.e. a thumb being an inch, a foot being a foot.

When we get the opportunity to work on a piece of history we sympathetically repair and respect the oak building for its historic value. We also consider how the timber oak frame is to be used now. These oak buildings are only going to survive if someone sees the potential or the value in them.

Please get in contact with any enquiry, we always love a good nose round an old property!


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