Big Old Oak Timber Framed Barn

We were lucky enough to work on this massive project near Bishop Stortford. The old oak timber framed barn repair consisted of an 8 bay oak barn is thought to be C15 century. It required a whole new roof with all new oak rafters reinstated a mere 580m2!!. There where various farmer repairs which had to be corrected.

Typical most of the Sole plate required replacing and most of the post and stud feet. Plus some interesting repairs to the gable ends, which had either rotted away or had been modified by the farmer!

The Barn had some lovely carpenters marks and looks like it had been extend from being a 5 bay to an 8 bay at some point. The extension was very subtle and all carpentry was in keeping with what had been done before.

Thanks to Louis Curtis who asked if we would be interested in helping on this 100 foot long barn.
The project still isn’t quite finished but already looks magnificent.