Timber oak frames

Based on Vernacular designs, traditional timber oak frames sit comfortably within contemporary building. Oak is able to work with most modern, structural building materials achieving an earthy/natural feel.

Today, timber oak framing allows for the use of large glazing and steel to achieve amazing structural designs that work for modern living.

But that might not be why you want a oak framed house…..maybe it’s the look, the feel, the wow factor, the fact that it has been hand crafted by a timber framed carpenter from a natural and sustainable material (if sourced from sustainable sources like we do), the way it ages, shrinks, moves and evolves. The list could go on and on……

Contemporary timber oak framing follows age old traditions used by timber framed carpenters like plumb scribed joints, hand worked timbers (which in their own right are unique), drawn pegged joints and of course wacky tools and big hammers!

An timber oak frames bring a warmth and comfort to a building that other materials don’t always manage and with modern engineering (and probably a little steel) most dreams are possible.

So, whether you are interested in building a whole timber frame house with steel and glass or are just after a series of classical oak frame trusses to compliment an existing design, please get in touch as we would love to be involved.


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