Oak Framed Kitchen

Timber Oak Framed Specialist for Kitchens

As experts in handcrafted timber oak frames, we deliver bespoke, personal experiences for our clients, including those planning an oak framed kitchen. We enjoy working with both traditional and contemporary designs, tailoring our services to your unique requirements.

Traditional, Hands On Carpenters

We love working with the natural materials in oak framed buildings, they afford us the flexibility to produce the highest quality finishes. Our skilled carpenters provide a traditional, hands-on approach to timber framing which means using age old techniques to create something truly special in your property.

All of our frames are completely bespoke, produced by engineers who have an in-depth understanding of oak framing.

This means we can offer specialist services for your oak framed kitchen project.

Designing Oak framed Kitchens – Simple & Enjoyable Experiences

Whether you need help designing a modern oak framed kitchen from scratch or have architectural plans for an oak framed kitchen extension, we’ll scale our team to the size of your job. The frames are strong enough to support other features, which means the oak can work together with steel and glazing to produce large, open timber engineered kitchens. Picture traditional timber trusses and large glass sliding doors, working together with steel to create a space which is both welcoming and durable. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you have an enjoyable experience throughout, always keeping our processes simple. This helps you to explore any oak framed kitchen ideasyou have to get the most out of the space.

Restoring the Old

It’s not just new oak kitchen designs we work with, but conservation projects and old oak frame repairs too. Our team really enjoys taking a look at old buildings and oak framed houses, considering it a privilege to work with oak frames of the past and leave our own sympathetic mark. We’ll respect the history and heritage of your traditional oak frame while restoring the timbers for modern living. Older oak frames are only going to survive if we see the potential in them and repair the timbers where required.

Ask for a No Fee Visit to Discuss Your Project

Get in touch to have a no-pressure chat about your plans and concepts for your oak timber frame kitchen. We’re always happy to give a free consultation and talk through ideas for either a restoration project or a new oak extension. We enjoy hearing about and sharing ideas, helping you to find the perfect designs for what you’d like in the space.

For all enquiries, including those related to oak framed kitchen projects, send a message to info@thetraditionalcarpenters.co.uk.

Oak Framed Kitchen
Oak Framed Kitchen
Oak kitchen extension

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