Oak Framed Garages Prices

Bespoke Prices from the Oak Framed Garages Specialist

Our personal approach to oak framing allows us to tailor any oak framed garages prices around your bespoke project requirements. Based on the Wiltshire Somerset border, we specialise in timber oak frames, remaining as hands on as possible to produce high quality finishes.

Designing Oak Framed Garages & Conversions

We love getting our teeth into interesting and unique projects. As a naturally versatile material, the beauty of oak is in its ability to enhance both modern and traditional looking spaces so, whether designing an oak framed carport building an oak framed garage with room above from scratch, we would love to hear from you.

We source our timber from mills which use sustainable methods to produce the timber, from British, expertly managed forests wherever possible. Each piece of oak that passes through our yard is graded using our high standards, and we reject any timbers which aren’t suitable for our clients.

Enjoy a Personal Experience from the Oak Timber Frame Specialists

We keep the process of creating green oak timber frames as simple as possible for you. Whether you’re designing a new oak framed double garage that’s in keeping with the style of your property or you’d like help restoring some oak framed barns, our skilled carpenters will help you enjoy the journey of creating your project. We can work from initial ideas through to construction or use plans you’ve supplied.

The flexibility of oak frames always creates something unique, especially if you’re renovating or conserving oak framed buildings where the structure is already in place. We believe that the age old techniques used by traditional carpenters are the best, bringing out the character of the timbers. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not suitable for contemporary properties. In fact, they’re perfect for supporting materials such as steel and glass to breath fresh life into modern, welcoming spaces.

Tell Us about Your Oak Framed Garage Plans

We would love to hear about your Oak Framed Garage Plans. We can offer a no fee visit to discuss your project and provide competitive quotations providing an oak framed garage price list after we have scoped your ideas.

For all enquiries, including those for oak framed garages prices, send a message to info@thetraditionalcarpenters.co.uk.


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