Oak Extensions

Bespoke Timber Oak Framed Extensions

As specialists in oak extensions, we put the focus on our client’s needs when designing high quality, bespoke oak timber frames for your project. We believe that quality comes from using traditional techniques to harness the unique character of every frame. If you have an oak extension in mind, we’d love to hear more about your ideas.

Oak Framed Kitchen Extension & Oak Framed House Designs

Our small team of skilled carpenters love the diversity of projects which come our way, whether it’s helping to design a new, modern oak extension or repairing timbers in an old  barn our enthusiasm is hard to miss. We pride ourselves on giving a personal experience to our clients as it’s important to us that you enjoy the creative process as much as possible so, even if you’d just like us to walk around your site with you, we’re happy to provide a no fee visit where we can share ideas and help bring your vision for the space to life.

Modern Oak Framed Glass Extensions

The quality of the oak we use (we grade all the timbers and reject any not up to the high standards we set) means they’re suitable for supporting other features within your design. This includes steel and large glazing elements which work together with the oak timber frames to create innovative structures. We love seeing how new and old designs complement each other, with the timber bringing a lot of character to modern living spaces.

Repair & Restore Old Oak Kitchens& Structures

We often think about extensions as being part of newer buildings, but you may be adding more space to a traditional property. Alongside our design services for contemporary projects, our team is also passionate about restoring the timber frames you find in older buildings. It’s always fascinating for us to see the craftsmanship of past timber carpenters, learning from their work while sympathetically repairing the frames where possible. It’s important to have vision for seeing the value in the timbers. For us, this comes through respecting the history of the building while unlocking the potential for what you’d like the space to become. It’s a privilege to conserve old timber frames, whether designing an oak kitchen or working on a barn conservation project.

Discuss Your Project with Oak Timber Frame Specialists

Thanks to our highly skilled workforce, we can scale our involvement to your project requirements. Some clients get us on board to advise about how to make green oak extensions work for them, or others like us to provide trusses for their oak framed  extension. We’re happy to be involved as much as you need us to be, working from structural plans you’ve provided or designing from scratch. Even if you think it’s a challenging task or you’re not sure what’s needed, we’re happy to chat through ideas.

For all enquiries, including oak extensions and old oak frame repairs, send a message to info@thetraditionalcarpenters.co.uk.

oak extensions
oak extensions
oak extensions
oak extensions
oak extensions

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